92 key
Decap Jazz organ

"Aurora Australis", latin for Southern Lights, is a rare 50 year old Jazz organ built in Antwerp, Belgium by Decap and entertained in dance halls in several European countries before being used in Australia.

The organ consists of approximately 350 pipes, tom tom's, bass and snare drums, cymbals, high hat, Indian wood blocks, two saxophones, four tuned temple blocks, tambourines and two accordions specifically designed and built for Decap by Frontellini, in Italy.

The elaborate art deco facade is lit by 200 globes which create a marvellous colour show as the registers change. The music and colour changes are cut into the folding cardboard books which pass through a key frame where it is read mechanically and acted upon by pneumatics (air).

"Aurora Australis" is named after a popular upmarket jazz club in Australia during the 30’s and 40’s and has taken five years of research and restoration to bring to you the "happiest music on earth".