Mechanical Music Digest
The MMD is a moderated forum and archive of all types of Mechanical Music information. It is published daily on the internet and distributed primarily by e-mail.

Australian Mechanical Organ Society
AMOS - An Australian mechanical organ group

The Australian Collectors of Mechanical Musical Instruments
ACMMI - A group of dedicated enthusiasts interested in collecting and restoring all kinds of mechanical musical instruments.

The Automatic Musical Instruments Collectors Association
AMICA - The International Association of Player-Piano, Roll-Playing and Automatic Instrument Enthusiasts

The Music Box Society International
MBSI - dedicated to the enjoyment, study and preservation of all automatic musical instruments.

The Music Box Society of Great Britain
MBSGB - An international society devoted to mechanical musical instruments and their music.

Fair Organ Preservation Society
FOPS - Dedicated to the appreciation and preservation of the fairground organ, and other related mechanical instruments, and their music

Dutch Society For The Preservation Of Fair Organs
(Kring Van Draaiorgelvrienden)
The KDV is a Dutch society for the preservation of fair organs, street-organs, dance hall organs, orchestrions and other automatic musical instruments; their history and development, and their present situation

The Carousel Organ Association of America
COAA - Devoted to enjoying, preserving, and sharing knowledge of all outdoor mechanical musical instruments; including band, fair, and street organs, calliopes, and hand-cranked organs of all sizes.

Decap Bros Herentals
Band and street organs and organ music and Midi organ products An informational site about the famous band/street organ builders Frank & Tony Decap Brothers, Herentals.

Musica Mecanica
A large French site devoted to Mechanical Music, maintained by Philippe Rouille within the site of the Musée des Arts et Metiers in Paris. You will find a complete list of specialized Museums and Associations throughout the world, an agenda of collectors meetings and events, descriptions of instruments, and many links to other mechanical music Web sites. Street organs, automatic pianos, music boxes, with many photos and music.

Brass Ring Entertainment / The Carousel Store
A full-service carousel company for nearly 30 years, working with clients that range from city governments to amusement parks.

Carousel Collectors and Creators
This is a source for information, sharing, books, free needlework patterns, posters, midi files, animated gifs and auctions.

Glenn Amer
Piano vocalist, headline entertainer. Glenn is believed to be the only person in the history of commercially recorded music to have his recordings released on Piano rolls, CDs and even Cylinders.

Gypsywaggons UK Vardo Project
The UK's No1 Gypsy Caravan website devoted to wagon owners and preservation of the British Vardo. more