Wurlitzer Photoplayer Style “O”

A popular instrument from the time of the silent movies, playing either by hand or by rolls. The operator also had the option to manually add appropriate sounds for the movie, be it a bird whistle, a gun shot or horses galloping, as well as the usual orchestrion percussions. These instruments were popular up to the times of the “talkies” and filled the niche for the proprietors who could not afford or fit in an expensive theatre organ. We understand this machine was on a river boat and spent time in Canada before “immigrating” to Australia.

Instrument action includes:

Piano, mandolin, violin and flute pipes (including bass pipes), plus drums and effects for castanets, horse trot, tom-tom, fire gong, door bell, kettle drum, and bird whistle. Effects are controlled by pedals and push buttons below the keyboard.

The Photoplayer plays both O and APP rolls and gives the sound of a good orchestrion.